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Breann Lunghamer


My name is Breann Lunghamer and I am a senior at the University of Denver. My major is strategic communication and my minors are marketing and writing. I chose to minor in writing because I feel that writing is an essential job skill. It equips you with important communication and thinking skills. Throughout my classes, I have been introduced to different forms of writing, especially in my Green Rhetoric course.

This portfolio is meant to display the different work I have completed in my Green Rhetoric course. Throughout the course, we have explored different examples of green rhetoric and eco speak. These examples have inspired my work starting with my nature memoir. My nature memoir is about the time I lived in a van for 14 days in the Southland of New Zealand. The second piece I completed was my op-ed about the traffic issue in Denver. In the piece, I explain how DU needs to do more to try to improve the issue for their students. From the information in my op-ed, I created an infographic that displayed the harmful effects of fossil fuels and ways for people to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. Lastly, my infographic inspired me to create social media posts that gave simple tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint.